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Joint Meeting of ISCC/CORM
Lighting in Artistic, Commercial, and Retail Spaces
Postponed until March 2-3, 2010
Gaithersburg, Maryland

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Tentative Speakers

The Council for Optical Radiation Measurements and the Inter-Society Color Council would like to announce a joint meeting entitled Lighting in Artistic, Commercial, and Retail Spaces to be held on March 2-3, 2010 at NIST. The conference will be applications-based and looks to draw a field of experts from the fashion, commercial, and conservation (museum lighting) fields as well as general experts in the field of lighting.

Sessions are planned on the following topics:

The Use of Lighting in Commercial and Artistic Spaces
This session will explore the effects of lighting in museum and retail applications. An important aspect of this is the relationship between the lighting, the materials, and color rendering of the sources with perception by human observers.

Vision and Aesthetics
This session will examine the relationships between the physical dimensions of lighting and humans’ visual perception, performance, and other psychological attributes.  Presentations may include basic laboratory studies as well as more naturalistic investigations.

Practical and Measurement Aspects of Lighting
This session will cover the science and metrology of ambient light in the field. The goal will be to understand the measurement of physical light sources in non-laboratory environments and ultimately to relate this understanding to the applications in the first two sessions.

The conference will feature tours of the NIST facility, including the new room-sized spectrally-tunable lighting facility for the psychophysical evaluation of lighting.

Technical contacts:

Dr. David Wyble
Munsell Color Science Laboratory
(585) 475-7310
Dr. Art Springsteen
Avian Technologies LLC

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