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CIE Colorimetry 15.2018 Released

23 Oct 2018 1:34 PM | David Wyble (Administrator)

The CIE has released the latest edition of Publication 15 Colorimetry. Quoting from the official press release:

This publication provides the recommendations of the CIE concerning colorimetry. Specifically, it includes the use of the standard colorimetric observers and standard illuminants, the reference standard for reflectance, the illuminating and viewing conditions, the calculation of tristimulus values, chromaticity coordinates, colour space coordinates and colour differences and various other colorimetric practices and formulae.

As a new feature, the publication also includes further details of advanced colorimetry, including colour appearance models, and new findings on cone-fundamental-based tristimulus functions, with appropriate references to other CIE publications. Additionally, new illuminants for different LED types are introduced.

Other details can be found at the CIE website. The publication can be purchased from the CIE by visiting their web shop

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