"Colour and Emotions: A Psychological Perspective"

Location: Virtual (Zoom)

Date: October 28, 2022

Time: 1pm EDT

This session will be introduced by Christine Mohr.  Christine Mohr, Ph.D., is a full professor for Cognitive Psychology at the University of Lausanne,Switzerland. After having acquired some research experience on synaesthesia, she started to
focus on the relationships between colour and affect. Her second research line concentrates
on the psychological mechanisms of irrational beliefs (e.g., the paranormal, superstitions). She
has contributed to over 130 peer-reviewed research contributions.

Presentations and speaker bios:

"The current state of research on colour and emotion associations"

By Dr. Domicele Jonauskaite

Dr. Domicele Jonauskaite is an experimental colour psychologist, studying cognitive and
affective connotations of colour across cultures and individuals. Her studies are based on
scientifically valid approaches, allowing to validate or debunk myths in colour psychology. Dr.
Jonauskaite is currently based at the Faculty of Psychology, University of Vienna in Austria,
where she has expanded her research to aesthetics, art, and blindness. She has a PhD degree
in Psychology from the University of Lausanne, Switzerland.

"What do we think about colours? Coding free associations with colour terms"

By Déborah Epicoco

Déborah Epicoco is a doctoral student in experimental colour psychology at the University of
Lausanne, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Institute of Psychology, Switzerland. Her
studies are based on validated approaches, researching how people cognitively and affectively
relate to colours. In particular, she focuses on changes through lifespan, from children to
elderly adults.

"Colour-emotion associations are unrelated to current mood"

By Giulia Spagnulo

Giulia Spagnulo is a Master student at the Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences,
University of Geneva and a Research Assistant at the Institute of Psychology, University of
Lausanne, Switzerland. Her research activities are twofold: her first research theme explores
cognition and affect related to colours. Her second research theme and master thesis topic is
focused on couple relationships.

Complete abstracts for the presentations can be found here.

Our linguistic, cultural, and perceptual environments are rich in colour associations and meanings. We feel blue, see red, turn green with envy. But the same colours can also signal different emotional messages to different people. Join us at the next Fluorescent Friday to learn from color psychology researchers about how colour-emotion associations can be detected in controlled laboratory settings. 

Here’s more information about the research team:https://www.colourexperience.ch/

The Colour Experience platform is designed to disseminate scientifically validated empirical research on psychological effects of colour. The research team coordinates over 100 researchers in 80 countries within the framework of the International Colour-Emotion Association Survey: https://www.colourexperience.ch/collaborations

Dr. Domicele Jonauskaite and Professor Christine Mohr also disseminate their findings to the general public by writing blog posts on Colour Psychology for Psychology Today:


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