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Application Guidelines for ISCC Student Activity Support

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Inter Society Color Council is an organization that encourages color research, education, and scholarships, and facilitates the interchange of scientific, educational, artistic, aesthetic, and technical knowledge of color to the general public.  It also is aimed at the academic and professional growth of individuals interested in color. ISCC has made a commitment to support student activities in programs that entail and encompass color science, education, art and design or technology in US colleges or universities.  Hence, it has established the ISCC Student Support Program to assist undergraduate and graduate students with activities pertaining to color.

The ISCC has established a Student Grant Review Board which has jurisdiction over the program to formulate guidelines and review proposals from students requesting support. Meritorious proposals recommended for funding by the ISCC Review Board are forwarded to the Board of Directors of the ISCC for final approval.

Criteria: Open to all students, US and international.

The ISCC is interested in activities related to various aspects of scientific discovery, application, education, and presentation of color in various domains.  Funding priority will be given to activities that involve current topics that encompass an improved understanding of color and its various applications.  However, consideration will be given to supporting projects in other areas that are within the scope of the ISCC’s mission and vision.  Student projects that will result in 1) presentations at technical programs such as at national or international conferences or meetings and/or 2) publications in scientific journals, magazines or conference proceedings, will be given preference because communication of results is an important aspect of the discovery.

Applications for ISCC Student Support will be reviewed by the ISCC Review Board.  Criteria that will be used in evaluating the student applications are:

  • Originality of the proposed activity,
  • Importance and practical value to color science or related fields and communities
  • Relevancy to current activities, issues, and/or needs pertaining to color
  • Scientific contributions to the field of color
  • Experimental design and methodology
  • Artistic endeavors and novel design related to color
  • Applicant’s ability to conduct the proposed work
  • Feasibility of conducting the proposed work, based on scope of project, facilities, and cost
  • Activity’s benefit toward furthering student’s academic and/or career goals in the field of color
  • Anticipated attendance and/or presentation at technical programs such as in conferences, or technical committee meetings, and/or publication in technical magazines, journals or conference proceedings

Amount of Funding:

For Research Activities: One or more grants requesting up to $1,000 USD will be awarded to meritorious research proposals selected by the ISCC Review Board and approved for funding by the ISCC Board of Directors. The total amount of the grant is to be applied to the student’s activity costs and does not include university indirect costs. Examples of acceptable items for funding include research materials, colorants and chemicals, laboratory or art supplies, and expendable supplies for equipment.

For Travel Support:  One or more grants requesting up to $500 USD will be awarded as travel support for reasonable travel expenses for research activities, including conference registration, transportation, and lodging.

Members of the ISCC Review Board:

Chair of the Student Grant Review Board

Two members approved by the ISCC Board of Directors

ISCC President (Ex officio)

ISCC President-elect (Ex officio)

ISCC Treasurer (Ex officio)


To apply for the ISCC Student Support, submit the application and vita forms by email to the chair of the ISCC Review Board (  In addition, the applicant’s major professor or advisor is required to write a supportive cover letter that addresses the importance of the proposed activity with regard to color science or a related field, the student’s professional development, and the student’s ability to conduct the proposed activities. The cover letter can be submitted by email separately.


There are two deadlines annually, and applications must request support for activities that will occur within one-year following the respective deadline. Applications requesting support for a time period preceding the respective deadline will not be considered. Priority will be given to applications and supporting documentation received by 6:00 pm (EST) on either:

May 15 or October 15

Awards will be announced in the month following each deadline, after they are approved in the following meeting of the ISCC Board of Directors.

Allocations of Funds and Supplies:

Grants are approved by the Board of Directors at their meeting. Following approval, grant checks will be processed to the student recipient(s).

Reporting Completed Activities:

For awarded activities, the faculty advisor and student will be sent an ISCC Student Support Report Form to report on the completed activities to the Board. The completed report may be used in promotional ISCC communications. Failure to report the research may prohibit the Board from funding future research at the institution of the supported applicant, for a period of two years.

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