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    • 25 Feb 2020
    • 2:00 PM - 3:15 PM

    We are pleased to offer our February Webinar "Color and Culture" presented by Ruthanne M. Hanlon. The live webinar will be Tuesday Feb 25, 2020, at 2PM EST. Details and a registration link below.


    Color trends come and go, season after season and year after year. Sometimes it seems as if they show up without warning and are quite suddenly everywhere - in every product category (clothes, furniture, cars, even computers!) - as if every individual in the design world privately joined forces to release the same hues during the same season. And while there are some groups like that in existence, they are never and have never been the creator of color trends. Color trends are determined by our collective identities. In that regard, they are in fact never without warning, because true trends (as opposed to fads, for example) are born out of a whole web of interconnected elements that shape our culture and inform our subconscious needs, wants, and buying patterns. But where does such a web begin? Where is the origin of a trending color or palette of colors, and how does it become relevant? Color trends are in fact an outcome; a product of timing, events, and moods.

    Speaker bio:

    Ruthanne has been in the field of design since graduating in 1994 from FIDR accredited Villa Maria College located in upstate NY. Her career includes experience in kitchen and bath design, custom furnishings and space planning. Ruthanne has focused specifically on color specifications since 2000 as a representative of PPG Architectural Coatings and has consulted on commercial and residential projects along with historic restorations using the powerful influence color has in transforming a space, creating an atmosphere and providing the personalization and character everyone strives for. Ruthanne’s understanding of the depth and power of color is reflected in her work.

    Ruthanne travels North America and the Caribbean speaking to groups of interior designers, architects and students to conduct PPG’s accredited CEUs and homeowners to offer expert advice on choosing color and utilizing it with ease and confidence in, or on, your home.

    Register here

    • 07 Jun 2020
    • 10 Jun 2020
    • Yale University, New Haven CT

    We are excited to announce these three keynotes:

    • American Artist Spencer Finch,  Studies in light, color, and perception
    • Design Futurist Shashi Caan, Founding partner of The Collective US / The SC Collective UK
    • Designer Jill Pilaroscia, founder of Colour Studio
    • Eve Ashcraft, Creator of paint line Eve Ashcraft Color: The Essential Palette

    Visit the ColorImpact2020 web page for the latest details.

Past events

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19 Nov 2019 Webinar - Roland Connelly presents "Comparison of LED Lighting Adopted by Retailers to Typical LED Spectra Adopted by the CIE"
22 Oct 2019 Tony Stanton presents: Color Management in the Graphic Arts
21 Oct 2019 IS&T's 27th Color and Imaging Conference
24 Sep 2019 Ann Laidlaw & Jodi Baker present "Introduction to CIELAB"
20 Aug 2019 AATCC Color Management Workshop
09 Jul 2019 Webinar - Fritz Horstman presents "Interacting with Color: the Art and Teaching of Josef Albers"
21 Mar 2019 Webinar - Michael Webster
19 Mar 2019 ISCC Long-term Planning Meeting
17 Mar 2019 TAGA Annual Technical Conference Joint with ISCC
16 Mar 2019 Workshop: Josef Albers's Color Experiments
19 Feb 2019 Webinar - Kristen Dettoni presents "Print on Demand - Exploring the Market Opportunities"
09 Jan 2019 January Webinar: Jean Hoskin
16 Oct 2018 Webinar: Andrew Stockman
15 Aug 2018 AATCC Color Management Workshop
10 Jun 2018 Munsell Centennial Color Symposium
30 May 2018 Webinar: Lori Sawaya, Psychological Color Temperature and Color Harmony
25 Apr 2018 Paul Centore Webinar: A Practical Introduction to the Munsell Colour System for Artists
21 Mar 2018 Webinar: Dr. David Briggs: The New Anatomy of Colour
21 Feb 2018 Webinar: Albert Munsell - the father of color science?
17 Jan 2018 Webinar: Color Science and the Visual Arts
15 Dec 2017 ANTEC® Orlando: The Plastics Technology Conference
18 Oct 2017 LED - A Balancing Act - Don't Be Left in the Dark
16 Oct 2017 AIC 2017 JEJU, Korea
27 Sep 2017 Webinar: Color in Digital Cinema
11 Sep 2017 CIC 25 Twenty- fifth Color and Imaging Conference
31 Jul 2017 CORM/ISCC 2017 Joint Technical Conference
21 Mar 2017 ISCC Winter Webinar: Mark D Fairchild
21 Mar 2017 International Colour Day

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