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Upcoming events

    • 06 Jun 2020
    • 11:00 AM - 5:00 PM (EDT)
    • Online

    This will be a one-of-a-kind day of engaging, thought-provoking sessions focused on teaching and learning about color across disciplines.

    In this extraordinary time, we invite you spend the day with your color colleagues and explore the world of color in a new light.

    In the early days of planning the Color Impact Virtual Symposium, our all-volunteer team determined that a registration fee of $150 would cover the necessary expenses of running the event, including the following:
    • Fees for the GoToTraining virtual platform

    • Printing and mailing of hands-on activity materials for the Color Literacy Project

    • Credit card and event registration fees charged to ISCC by our website service

    • Color Impact 2020 website and hosting costs

    • Support for the new ISCC Student Scholarship Fund

    As the situation in the world has changed, we note that many of our friends and colleagues are experiencing a range of challenges, both personal and financial. To address these concerns, we have decided to offer a “Pay What You Can” policy.

    We hope that each of you will consider your contribution to the event based on your financial situation. Our three "Pay what you can" levels are $150, $100, $50. Students and unemployed or furloughed workers are invited to register at the $50 rate.

    No matter what level you can afford, you will have access to the entire event on June 6th, as well as post-event access to recordings. All those who register, at any level, before May 20th will receive an event activity packet by mail. For our International attendees, overseas shipping may take longer and cost more. Please consider this when you register and do register early!

    If you are unable to afford even the $50 the registration fee but still want to be a part of this unique experience, please write to us at to discuss your needs. 
    The Symposium is open to everyone with an interest in Color and the future of Color Education.

    We invite you to join us on June 6!

Past events

05 May 2020 Sally Augustin presents "The Science of Designing with Color: Making the Right Choices"
14 Apr 2020 Shelli Sedlak presents "Light & Color with LED"
17 Mar 2020 Ellen Divers presents "The 'Blind Spot' in Architectural Color"
25 Feb 2020 Ruthanne M. Hanlon presents "Color and Culture"
28 Jan 2020 Ken Butts presents "ULTRA-PORTABLE COLOR MEASUREMENT – A Spectro in Your Pocket?"
19 Nov 2019 Webinar - Roland Connelly presents "Comparison of LED Lighting Adopted by Retailers to Typical LED Spectra Adopted by the CIE"
22 Oct 2019 Tony Stanton presents: Color Management in the Graphic Arts
21 Oct 2019 IS&T's 27th Color and Imaging Conference
24 Sep 2019 Ann Laidlaw & Jodi Baker present "Introduction to CIELAB"
20 Aug 2019 AATCC Color Management Workshop
09 Jul 2019 Webinar - Fritz Horstman presents "Interacting with Color: the Art and Teaching of Josef Albers"
21 Mar 2019 Webinar - Michael Webster
19 Mar 2019 ISCC Long-term Planning Meeting
17 Mar 2019 TAGA Annual Technical Conference Joint with ISCC
16 Mar 2019 Workshop: Josef Albers's Color Experiments
19 Feb 2019 Webinar - Kristen Dettoni presents "Print on Demand - Exploring the Market Opportunities"
09 Jan 2019 January Webinar: Jean Hoskin
16 Oct 2018 Webinar: Andrew Stockman
15 Aug 2018 AATCC Color Management Workshop
10 Jun 2018 Munsell Centennial Color Symposium
30 May 2018 Webinar: Lori Sawaya, Psychological Color Temperature and Color Harmony
25 Apr 2018 Paul Centore Webinar: A Practical Introduction to the Munsell Colour System for Artists
21 Mar 2018 Webinar: Dr. David Briggs: The New Anatomy of Colour
21 Feb 2018 Webinar: Albert Munsell - the father of color science?
17 Jan 2018 Webinar: Color Science and the Visual Arts
15 Dec 2017 ANTEC® Orlando: The Plastics Technology Conference
18 Oct 2017 LED - A Balancing Act - Don't Be Left in the Dark
16 Oct 2017 AIC 2017 JEJU, Korea
27 Sep 2017 Webinar: Color in Digital Cinema
11 Sep 2017 CIC 25 Twenty- fifth Color and Imaging Conference
31 Jul 2017 CORM/ISCC 2017 Joint Technical Conference
21 Mar 2017 ISCC Winter Webinar: Mark D Fairchild
21 Mar 2017 International Colour Day

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