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The ISCC regularly holds several types of events, both in person and virtually. The goal of these events varies, but all center on educating our membership and the greater color community. Check out the details below, and we hope too see you at one of these soon! 

Annual Meetings

Our Annual meeting bring the entire membership together, either virtually or in person. The topics vary, but they are always designed to address the broad spectrum of interests present in our membership.

The most recent meeting, Color Impact 2023, was in Rochester NY in June 2023.


Our ongoing webinar series provides an opportunity for a deeper dive into all matter of subjects related to color. Many of these are recorded, and recordings are made available to the membership (not a member? Join here!)

Register here for out Jan 23, 2024 webinar, "Exploring Dye Histories in Bold: Color from Test Tube to Textile," featuring Elisabeth Berry Drago.

Fluorescent Fridays

Fluorescent Fridays are one-hour virtual events serving as a platform for university students from all disciplines to network with color professionals and fellow students, and to explore cutting-edge information about color’s role in our lives and applications in the world.

Our most recent Fluorescent Fridays was held on October 27, 2023.

Colour Literacy Forum

Colour Literacy Forums are a part of the larger Colour Literacy Project is exploring new approaches to colour education as a multidisciplinary system of connections between science, art and design, industry, technology, and culture. Fluency with the language of color sharpens our visual intelligence, expands our perceptions, and enhances our ability to communicate. 21st century color literacy is not
just for scientists and artists — it is for everyone. 

Colorful Connections

Colorful Connections is a monthly gathering for informal discussions on a range of color-related topics. The second half of each meeting will be dedicated to breakout room chats with 2-4 attendees, designed to foster and create new connections between color professionals.

Each month will alternate between mornings and evenings to allow for attendees from around the world in various time zones to attend. You are invited to bring your favorite beverage, be it morning coffee or evening cocktail.

Note that this is Members Only event. Not a member, no problem - Join here!

Register for the November 7 Noon EDT Colorful Connections

The Inter-Society Color Council advances the knowledge of color as it relates to art, science, industry and design.
Each of these fields enriches the others, furthering the general objective of color education.


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