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    WHAT Fluorescent Friday (FREE!)
    WHY A new international Student Chapter focused on interdisciplinary color topics

    WHEN      Friday, April 23, 2021, 3:00pm - 4:00pm EST

    Next Generation Color: 6 MiniTalks

    • Olivia Kuzio, Rochester Institute of Technology
    • Bill Rios, University of Texas
    • Soojin Lee, University of Leeds, School of Design
    • Francis Pellegrino, University of Rochester
    • Nian Xiong, North Carolina State University
    • Sofia Hinostroza, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile.

    Fluorescent Fridays are created by the Inter-Society Color Council for university students from all disciplines to network with invited professionals and fellow students, and explore cutting edge information about color’s multidimensional nature and its applications.

    Global Student Chapter: The long range goal is to build a global student chapter that positions color as a multidimensional STEAM model (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math), sharing up-to-date color research by scientists, artists, designers, industry professionals, and university students.21st century color communication requires a commitment to building bridges for sharing resources, cultivating mentors, and creating new opportunities. With up-to-date information and useful tools, students become the next generation of leaders in ever-evolving color related disciplines.

    • 12 May 2021
    • 2:00 PM (EDT)

    The Greying of Norway

    With few exceptions, the identities of most Norwegian towns and cities are foremost associated with painted façades in traditional hues and nuances of reds, yellows and greens, historically regulated by the limited access to building materials and pigments. However, counter to the long tradition of color variation, more recent Norwegian architecture points to a dramatic change towards a uniform, achromatic color scheme.

    The presentation is a journey though color and its role in the identity of place and will focus on the work by Alex Booker and Kine Angelo in identifying drivers behind the tendency towards chromatic entropy, and on developing strategies for color guidelines for urban development.


    Associate Professor Kine Angelo has twenty years of practice as Interior Architect, specializing in colour in architecture. She joined the Faculty of Architecture and Design at NTNU in 2010 where she is currently a full-time lecturer and researcher at Department for Architecture and Technology. Her teaching and research activities are devoted to light and colour in the architectural realm. Building on previous and ongoing design practice of architectural projects, her overall aim is to promote color and material gestalt in architecture and urban space through research, architectural education, and public outreach.

    Her contribution outside NTNU is as a color designer, consultant, strategist, and in giving lectures and workshops for educational institutions, organizations, companies, and municipalities. She has been working on establishing color, material, and aesthetic guidelines for urban development in several Norwegian towns and cities. She is Deputy Leader on the Board of Government of Forum Farge (AIC Norway), and internationally active as a member of the Study Group on Environmental Colour Design (ECD)  in the International Color Association (AIC), where she has regularly participated with presentations since 2012.

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