Inter-Society Color Council

These are the presentations, posters, and breakout sessions that have been shared by the respective authors:

General Sessions

Monday - History and Science

Roy Berns: Development of the Munsell Color System

Rolf Kuehni / Renzo Shamey: A Very Brief History of Color Order

Osvaldo Da Pos: Subjective Links in Color Names and Stimulus Color

Mark Fairchild: Munsell's Legacy - The Foundation and the Lab

Wednesday - Art and Design

Roy Osborne: Historical Survey of Teaching Color in Art and Design

Paul Green-Armytage: Relating Color Systems in an Elastic Color Space David Briggs: Where is Color Education Now? Color and Technology

Thursday - Industry

Danny Rich: Calvin McCamy's Recollections: The Color Checker

Setsuko Horiguchi / Katsura Iwamatsu: From Munsell to a New Psychological System

Banquet Keynote

John Seymour: The Color Name Conundrum

Breakout Sessions

David Briggs: Dimensions of Color for Artists
Paul Centore: Intro to the Munsell System for Artists & Designers
Mark Fairchild: Color Appearance, Color Order, and Color Systems
John Seymour: Panoply of Color Measurement Devices
Anthony Stanton: History of Color in Cinema


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