Nickerson Award

The Nickerson Service Award was established by the Board of Directors at a meeting held on February 3, 1980. This award is presented as the occasion arises but no more frequently than once a year. The Nickerson Service Award is presented for outstanding, long-term contributions towards the advancement of the Council and its aims and purposes. The contribution may be in the form of organizational, clerical, technical or other services that benefit the Council and its members. The candidates must be members of the Council and must have been active in the affairs of the Council.

We have consolidated the award nomination forms into a single document. Download it, print, and send to the ISCC office (details are on the form). Or you can scan the form and email it to us. We hope to get an online form enabled soon.

The recipient of the 2020 Nickerson Award was Maggie Maggio. Previous recipients are listed below.

1983 Fred W. Billmeyer, Jr.

1985 Dorothy Nickerson and S. Leonard Davidson

1986 George B. Gardner

1987 Harry K. Hammond, III

1988 Ruth M. Johnston-Feller

1989 Walter Granville

1990 Joyce S. Davenport

1992 Bonnie Swenholt

1994 Terry Commerford

1995 Allan B.J. Rodrigues

1997 Ann Campbell Laidlaw

1998 Louis A. Graham

1999 Danny C. Rich

2000 Hugh S. Fairman

2001 Paula J. Alessi

2003 Ellen C. Carter

2004 Ralph Stanziola

2005 Gultekin Celikiz

2006 Mary McKnight

2007 David R. Wyble

2009 Philip Hunter

2010 Michael H. Brill

2012 Robert Buckley

2014 C. Cameron Miller

2015 Rolf Kuehni

2017 John Conant

2018 Mark D. Fairchild

2020 Maggie Maggio

2021 Francis X. O'Donnell

2022 Jodi L. Baker

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