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Online Webinar Series

ISCC is excited to present our ongoing online webinar series! Our most recent seminar was by Dr. Stephen Westland, who presented "Unravelling the effects of coloured environments and coloured lights"" on November 2, 2021. Members can view most recorded webinars under the Members menu, select "Members-Only Content."

Webinars are one way we are hoping to reach the needs of our membership. We understand that travel and conference attendance is reduced in today's world, and staying connected technically is harder than ever. If you like this type of innovation, or have other suggestions please contact any of the members of the ISCC Board of Directors - they would be delighted to hear from you. The Board has developed the following guidelines for these Webinars:

  • Presenters are to be ISCC members. Exceptions permitted at the discretion of the Board.
  • Anyone is allowed to sign up and view the webinar live.
  • ISCC members are granted access to the recording and download presentation slides. (That this link is only active for logged-in members). Note, however, the recording and slides of these are made available at the discretion of the presenter.

Webinars will be given via online presentation tools, specifically GotoWebinar. At this time there is no cost to you as a participant, but you will need access to an internet browser with moderate bandwidth capability. Most modern DSL or cable internet connections should be fine. Dial-up connection will likely be too slow. Note: GotoWebinar recommends using the Chrome browser. Your mileage may vary, but we have had some difficulties using FireFox.

We plan to hold webinars quarterly, in the month following the publication of each newsletter. The complete details for each webinars will be in every newsletter. If you do not currently receive the newsletter, you can join the ISCC! This will ensure you do not miss out on webinars information, or any of the other useful and timely information.

Notes on the Registration Link below: some of our past recordings are available for viewing by members only. All past webinars say "Registration Closed" below,  but if you are a member, log in and check the "Members Only" content. That page has links to the available webinar recordings. The Members Only menu is only visible after you have logged in. If you are not a member, you can always join today.

Date Presenter Title (link goes to abstract and/or slides when available) Registration link (if available)
 November 2, 2021
 Dr Stephen Westland
Unravelling the effects of coloured environments and coloured lights Registration closed
 September 20, 2021
 Dr Bevil Conway
 The Brain: the Artist’s Medium
 View Recording
 May 12, 202
Ms. Kine Angelo The Greying of Norway Registration closed
 March 23, 2021
Dr Andy Towns
Now you see it, now you don't: industrial chromism
  Registration closed
 January 28, 2021 2PM EST Dr. John BarburColour Assessment for Health and Employment Registration closed
 May 5, 2020 2PM EST Dr. Sally AugustinThe Science of Designing with Color: Making the Right Choices Registration closed
 Apr 14, 2020 2PM EST Ms Shelli Sedlak Light and Color with LED Registration closed
 Mar 17, 2020 2PM EST Ms Ellen Divers The "Blind Spot" in Architectural Color Registration closed
 Feb 25, 2020, 2PM EST Ms. Ruthanne M. Hanlon Color and CultureRegistration closed
 Jan 28, 2020 2PM EST  Mr Ken Butts ULTRA-PORTABLE COLOR MEASUREMENT – A Spectro in Your Pocket Registration closed
 Nov 19, 2019  Mr Roland Connelly Comparison of LED Lighting Adopted by Retailers to Typical LED Spectra Adopted by the CIE  Registration Closed
 Oct 22, 2019  Dr Tony Stanton Color Management in the Graphic Arts  Registration closed
 Sep 24, 2019

 Ms Ann Laidlaw &

 Ms Jodi Baker

Introduction to CIEL*a*b*  Registration closed
 Jul 9, 2019  Mr Fritz Horstman Interacting with Color: the Art and Teaching of Josef Albers Registration closed
 Mar 21, 2019  Dr Michael Webster  Adaptation and color  Registration closed
 Feb 19, 2019  Ms Kristen Dettoni Print on Demand - Exploring the Market Opportunities  Registration closed
 Jan 9, 2019  Dr Jean Hoskin  Application of Albers's Interaction of Color to Color Evaluation  Registration closed
 Oct 16, 2018  Dr Andrew Stockman Cone fundamentals, color matching functions, luminous efficiency and individual differences Registration closed
 Sep 18, 2018  Dr Mark Fairchild Color Appearance, Color Order, & Other Color Systems  Registration closed
 May 30, 2018  Ms Lori Sayawa Psychological Color Temperature and Color Harmony Registration closed
 Apr 25, 2018  Dr Paul Centore  A Practical Introduction to the Munsell Colour System for Artists Registration closed
 Mar 21, 2018 4-5PM EST  Dr David Briggs  The New Anatomy of Colour  Registration link (to view the recording)
 Feb 21, 2018, 2-3PM EST  Mr John Seymour Albert Munsell, the Father of Color Science? Registration Closed
 Jan 17, 2018  Dr Roy Berns  Webinar: Color Science and the Visual Arts Registration closed
 Sept 27, 2017  Dr Anthony Stanton   Webinar: Color in Digital Cinema Registration closed.
Mar 21
 Dr Mark D Fairchild From Photon to Brain: The Perception of Color

Registration closed.
Dec 5

 Dr Susan Farnand and

 Dr Michael J. Murdoch

Challenges and rewards of teaching an online color science course

Seminar recording (37MB!)
Registration closed.
Sep 22
 Mr A. Nurhan Becidyan The Chemistry & Physics of Special Effect Pigments & Colorants Registration closed.
Mar 29
 Mr John Conant The Right Paint Color to Help Hide a Helicopter Registration closed.
Dec 8
 Dr. Françoise Viénot Color Vision Fundamentals:
    A Model for the Future of Colorimetry
Registration closed.
Sep 10
 Ms Ann Laidlaw The Future of Lighting:
Color, Efficiency, and Compliance
Registration closed.

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