January Webinar: Jean Hoskin

  • 09 Jan 2019
  • 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Jean's talk is entitled: "Application of Alber's Interaction of Color to Color Evaluation"


Visual approval of color for production requires the evaluation of lab dyeings, print strike offs, or pattern handloom samples.   Preparing color technicians to perform these evaluations in a light booth includes understanding of visual environment, sample positions, and perception. 

Applying the principles developed by Josef Albers is an effective means to train colorists. 

This presentation will provide visual examples of color relativity important to color evaluation and the procedures color technicians can use to make confident color decisions.  Exercises such as simultaneous contrast, gradation, after image, optical mixture, Bezold effect, and the Weber-Fechner Law will be applied. 


With color expertise that balances theory and application, art and science, Jean Hoskin retired from Macy’s Merchandising Group as Director of Color Services in2016.  Since her retirement, she has been consulting, writing, painting, and traveling.  

Majoring in textiles, Jean holds a BS from Iowa State University and an MA from Michigan State University.  Her PhD from the University of Tennessee included Textile Design, Testing, Dyeing & Printing combined with Aesthetic philosophy.

Jean began her career in teaching at the University of Kentucky developing courses that included Color Theory for apparel and interior design students. She also taught Costume and Textile History and maintains her interest in ethnic textiles as a member of the Textile Society of America.   Her creative/research focus was on color testing and textile art.

Sandwiched between university teaching and retail, Jean managed textile screen-printing for Kentucky Textiles responsible for design, color matching, and pre press.  Promoted to creative design, Jean managed apparel design, color and material development.

In 1995, Jean jumped from manufacturing to retail, beginning as color manager for Lane Bryant at Limited Inc. in Columbus, OH.  The major responsibility wascolor approval of materials using instrumental color measurement and communication. Next at May Merchandising Company in St Louis, MO she developed an international color management program that included exciting travel to manufacturing sites in Asia.  In 2006, she moved to Macy’s in New York, where as Director of Color Services she implemented a global color approval process.  Jean co-managed an international team of 35 and was responsible for training, color systems and industry trends.  The New York and International teams provided a variety of following functions, such as color trends, color standards development, CAD matches, pre-production and production color approval, plus results reporting for color selling. 

Always a teacher, Jean is a frequent presenter on innovation and process improvement at professional meetings.  She is a member of American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists, Inter-Society Color Council, and Surface Design Association. She is the current president of International Association of Color Consultants-North America and is a former board member of Color Marketing Group.  Her article “Following the Creative Path of Color Theory” was published in the Fall 2017 issue of the Surface Design Journal. 

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