Webinar - Roland Connelly presents "Comparison of LED Lighting Adopted by Retailers to Typical LED Spectra Adopted by the CIE"

  • 19 Nov 2019
  • 2:00 PM - 3:15 PM

We are please to announce this upcoming webinar by Roland L. Connelly, Sr., with RoLyn Group.

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Many retailers have adopted LED lighting for their stores, and many of them have different characteristics. The CIE has adopted a number of "typical" LED spectra that hopefully represents the majority of types of LED's that retail, brands and industry are currently using. Using both current methods, such as CRI and CCT as well as newer TM30-18 as well as several other metrics, the variability among all these different LED's is analyzed. This all relates to the ability of retailers and their worldwide supply chains to effectively communicate about color both visually and instrumentally.

Presenter Bio:

Roland , with RoLyn Group, is currently working part time as a consultant to industry in matters related to color, lighting and color supply chain management.

Roland was the Director, Global Digital Supply Chain for X-Rite Inc, from 2005 until retiring in 2012. He previously served as Director of Enterprise Color Management with GretagMacbeth, which merged with X-Rite in 2005. Prior to that he was President and co-owner of SheLyn Incorporated from 1987 until 2003.SheLyn developed color formulation and quality control software for industry. Before founding SheLyn, he was Color Lab manager for Burlington Industries Corp. R&D, where he worked for 18 years. Roland’s over 40 years’ experience has been in all aspects of color management and control. He is a frequent lecturer and author of numerous papers on such topics as Lighting, Colorant Formulation, Quality Control, Supply Chain Management, and Instrumental UV Calibration. Roland has served as President of AATCC, Chair of RA36-Color Measurement, member of the Board of Directors as well as many other committees. He is the recipient of the AATCC Chapin Service award and the Education Award. He has also served as President of the ISCC as well as a board member and Interest Group Chair among other duties. He is the Chair of ASTM E-12-Color and Appearance and is active in the CIE as well as IES. He has served for many years as the US spokesman for color measurement in ISO TC38, Textiles.

He received his BS in Textile Science and MS in Color Science from Clemson University.

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