Webinar - John Barbur

  • 28 Jan 2021
  • 2:00 PM

Colour Assessment in Health and Employment

Colour vision yields significant advantages in many visual tasks and in some occupations, the normal processing and correct interpretation of colour signals is also safety-critical. Not everyone benefits from normal colour vision. Subjects with congenital colour deficiency and those with diseases of the eye or systemic diseases such as diabetes exhibit either anomalous or even complete absence of red/green and / or yellow/blue colour vision. Conventional colour assessment tests fail to isolate uniquely either red/green or yellow/blue colour signals and also do not eliminate all the cues an applicant can use to pass. Detailed analysis of current colour assessment protocols used in visually demanding and safety critical occupations reveals large variability, compromised safety and highlights the often inconsistent and unjust outcomes. A new approach to colour assessment that overcomes these problems will be described.


John Barbur is Professor of Optics & Visual Science and Director of the Applied Vision Research Centre (AVRC) at City University London. He combines fundamental vision science with applied and clinical research, which underpins a long record of research achievement and wider impact. 

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