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2nd Annual ISCC Symposium on Color Education

  • 26 Jun 2021
  • 11:00 AM - 4:00 PM
  • Virtual


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2nd Annual ISCC Symposium on Color Education
”Perspectives in Colour Education”
Saturday, June 26, 2021

Registration opens May 1, 2021

The Joint AIC/ISCC Colour Literacy Project is hosting a one-day virtual event featuring a variety of perspectives on teaching color presented by educators across disciplines. NOTE: this event is free to registrants of the Color Impact 2021 Conference, but a separate registration is required (click "Register" at left). Registration is $50 for those who did not register for Color Impact 2021.

This will be a follow up to the first ISCC Symposium on Colour Education held last year in June. The co-chair of that event, Robert Hirschler, will be the keynote speaker this year, presenting "Bauhaus Influence on Colour Education: a Critical Homage."

For the complete schedule, including short abstracts and speaker biographies, visit ColorImpact2021.

Other presenters scheduled:

  • Jennifer Logun, Adjunct Associate Professor, Pratt Institute, "Color Insight Color On-site"
  • Dr. Jennifer Kruschwitz, Optical Interference Coating Designer, "Connecting Optics Learning Outcomes through Color by use of a Monochromator"
  • Agata Kwiatkowska-Lubańska, Color Designer and Educator, "Subtractive color mixing as a support for color memory"
  • Theresa-Marie Rhyne, Independent Visualization Consultant, "Applying Albers Concepts to Creating Scientific Data Visualizations"
  • Rebecca Michaels, Educator, Photographer and Design Professional, "The Art of the Three Color Process"
  • Ingrid Calvo Ivanovic, Colour Researcher, Designer and Consultant, "Colour Design Training Itinerary, a Framework for the Future of Colour Education"
  • Maggie Maggio, Co-Chair, Joint ISCC/AIC Colour Literacy Project, "Update on the ISCC/AIC Joint Color Literacy Project: Beta-Testing New Approaches to K-12 Colour Education"

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