Webinar - Nick Harkness and Paula Alessi

  • 01 Mar 2022
  • 6:00 PM


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A Conversation with Nick Harkness: A Meeting of Minds – Art and Colour Science

This is a webinar featuring a conversation with Nick Harkness about his labor of love 20 years in the making known as Colour Made Simple (CMS). Colour Made Simple is a holistic and practical online approach to colour theory. CMS is designed to teach the fundamentals of visual colour assessment and instrumental colour measurement for industry and research. Whether your area of colour expertise is art, design, education, measurement, engineering or technology, CMS has colour information of interest to you! CMS is comprised of approximately 800 PowerPoint slides many of which are animated, all with voice overs. There are eighteen chapters plus Introduction and Conclusions. The team from the University of Leeds has produced the online colour exercises which are an integral component of the webinar and are designed to colourfully describe the inherent properties of colours. Using a conversational approach, this webinar will provide a snapshot of the depth and strength of the CMS platform to be enjoyed by the international color community anywhere and anytime.


Nick Harkness has worked in the field of instrumental appearance and colour measurement since 1981. His work has spanned the globe as he has worked with BYK Gardner (Germany), CyberChrome (USA), Konica Minolta (Japan), NCS AB (Sweden) and VeriVide (UK).

Nick commenced his colour training and consulting activities in 1999 as he saw a need in industry for a greater understanding of instrumental colour measurement and its application for quality control. His one-day colour course is highly regarded with a total attendance in excess of 1000 attendees from Australia’s leading manufacturing and research organizations. Nick’s training activities are international extending to England, Germany, India, New Zealand, South Africa and Thailand. Nick, in cooperation with Professor Steve Westland and Dr. Vien Cheung School of Design at the University of Leeds in the UK have created an online format for ‘Colour Made Simple”.

Nick was a member of the AIC Executive Committee from 2006 as an Ordinary Member (Chair of AIC Congress 2009), Secretary Treasurer (2010 – 2013), Vice-President 2014 - 2015, President (2016 - 2017) where he championed the new Student Papers Award and immediate Past-President (2018 – 2019).

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