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There are other ways to stay (or get!) connected

15 Dec 2017 8:28 AM | David Wyble (Administrator)

While our website is the primary and official means for communications from the ISCC, there is a LinkedIn group that we also maintain. That group "ISCC Inter-Society Color Council" has a broader audience (currently just over 500 members) and sees correspondingly broader traffic. We tend to share a little more freely there, because of the wide audience, and to keep the your email free of (possibly) less interesting information. Please consider joining that group and contributing occasionally. It represents an important outreach avenue to attract new members to the ISCC. There are other LinkedIn groups that we are not affiliated with, but none-the-less provide content that ISCC members might find interesting:

In addition, many of our Member Bodies and Sustaining Members maintain their own LinkedIn pages. I will list them in another post soon.

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