Honorary Membership

The Council recognizes significant service by awarding Honorary Membership to an individual. According to the By-Laws: "Any person who, as a Council member, has rendered signal service to the Council or to those fields served by the individual Member-Bodies of the Council, in such a manner as to aid in its accomplishment the objectives of the council, is eligible for Honorary membership." If you wish to nominate someone for Honorary Membership, download this form.

The most recent recipients of Honorary Membership are Michael H. Brill and Paula Alessi in 2022. Previous recipients are listed below alphabetically. Asterisks (*) indicate honorary members that are deceased.

Eugene Allen*

William D. Appel*

Paula Alessi

Isay A. Balinkin*

Blanche Bellamy*

Stephen F. Bergen

Fred W. Billmeyer Jr.*

Charles Bittenger*

Michael H. Brill

Elizabeth Burris-Meyer*

Ellen C. Carter

Therese Commerford*

Edward T. Connor

Charles B. Conquergood*

Joyce Davenport

Hugh Davidson*

S. Leonard Davidson*

Forrest L. Dimmick*

Carl C. Draves*

G.L. Erickson*

Ralph M. Evans*

Dean Farnsworth*

Waldron Faulkner*

Carl E. Foss*

George B. Gardner*

Louis A. Graham*

Walter C. Granville*

E. N. Gathercoal*

Kasson S. Gibson*

I. H. Godlove*

Harry K. Hammond, III*

Henry S. Hemmendinger*

Richard S. Hunter*

George W. Ingle*

L.A. Jones*

Deane B. Judd*

Kenneth L. Kelly*

Rolf G. Kuehni

Jack A. Ladson

Joy Turner Luke

David L. MacAdam*

Norman Macbeth. Sr*

R.G. MacDonald*

Calvin McCamy*

Alexander E.O. Munsell*

Elsie Murray*

Sidney M. Newhall*

Dorothy Nickerson*

M. Rea Paul*

Irwin G. Priest*

Frederick H. Rahr*

Margaret Hayden Rorke*

Max Saltzman*

Walter M. Scott*

Frederick T. Simon*

Ralph Stanziola*

Edwin I. Stearns*

Evelyn Stephens*

Helen D. Taylor*

Vincent C. Vesce*

W. David Wright*

Michael J. Zigler*

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