Color Impact 2023 was a great success. These pages are left here for archival purposes.

We hope to see you at a future ISCC meeting!

June 11-15, 2023

Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY, USA

Gather with your friends and color colleagues for five days of fascinating keynotes, thought-provoking presentations, hands-on workshops, short courses, field trips, and special events.

We expect attendees from around the world and from across the spectrum of color professions
including Science, Industry, Education, Art & Design. 

Thank you to our sponsors for Color Impact 2023.

Presentations will address a range of topics including:

Color in Science and Industry

  • Perception, Vision, and Physiology
  • Language and Psychology
  • Lighting
  • Measurement and Management
  • Imaging and Reproduction

Color in Art and Design

  • Art and Design Projects
  • Creative Uses of Color
  • Practical Applications of Color
  • Interactions of Color
  • Environmental Color

Color Education

  • Multidisciplinary Color Experience
  • Innovative Teaching Methods and Materials
  • Color History

Color Impact 2023: Color and Human Experience 
will be held in conjunction with the 40th Anniversary Celebration of the Munsell Color Science Lab at RIT.

Rochester, NY is a long-term incubator in the field of color, demonstrated by the historic contributions of Eastman Kodak, Xerox Corporation, and many others. There has been long-term academic presence, celebrated as a part of this conference with the 40th Anniversary of the Munsell Color Science Laboratory. Today, Rochester is still home to world class industrial research and entrepreneurship in many fields related to color, particularly color imaging.

image credit: Harleyd613

Comfortable, modern dormitory housing will be available.  A list of local hotels is available here.  

The Rochester airport is served by all major airlines.
A one-way ride share from the airport to the dormitories is estimated at less than $20.

This detailed PDF shows the location of the parking lot where you should park, or be dropped off.
Attendees who park will be provided parking passes in advance of arrival.
Signage will direct you to conference check-in a short walk to the north.

All campus events will be a comfortable 5-10 minute walk from the dormitories.

Thank you to the Color Impact 2023 Steering Committee:

Karen Braun, RIT, Local events

Robert Buckley, Xerox (retired), Short courses

John Conant, Aerodyne (retired), Finances

Kate Edwards, Datacolor, Program

Jean Hoskin, Macy's (retired), Program

Romesh Kumar, Clariant (retired), Sponsorship

Alicia Keshishian, ADK Carpets

Ann Laidlaw, X-Rite (retired), Sponsorship

Maggie Maggio, Smashing Color, Vice Chair

Michael Murdoch, RIT, Munsell 40th Anniversary

Robin Myers, RMImaging, Short Courses

Karen Triedman, Rhode Island School of Design, Program

Amy Woolf, Amy Woolf Color & Design, Website

Dave Wyble, Avian Rochester, General Chair

The Inter-Society Color Council advances the knowledge of color as it relates to art, science, industry and design.
Each of these fields enriches the others, furthering the general objective of color education.


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