June 11-16, 2023

Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY, USA

Deadline for Proposals: January 30, 2023

Call for Participation

This conference is an excellent opportunity for color practitioners, researchers, students and professionals to share knowledge and perspectives on Color and Human Experience.

Because the scope is broad, we welcome a variety of presentation formats.

We welcome topics including:

Color in Science and Industry

  • Perception, Vision, and Physiology
  • Language and Psychology
  • Lighting
  • Measurement and Management
  • Imaging and Reproduction

Color in Art and Design

  • Art and Design Projects
  • Creative Uses of Color
  • Practical Applications of Color
  • Interactions of Color
  • Environmental Color

Color Education

  • Multidisciplinary Color Experience
  • Innovative Teaching Methods and Materials
  • Color History

   Suggested formats:

  • Presentations
-- Oral Presentation Topic conveyed orally with slides (20 minutes)
-- Lightning TalkBrief oral update with slides on work in progress
(5 minutes)

-- Poster PresentationShort oral overview of topic followed by discussion at the poster (2 minutes presentations; 2-hour poster session)
  • Group ActivityExamples are roundtable discussions, games, or teaching activities (15-60 minutes)

  • Short CourseInstruction and deep coverage of topic (2 hours). Presenters will be compensated.

Please submit proposals by January 30, 2023.  Choose the appropriate form using one of the links below.

The Inter-Society Color Council advances the knowledge of color as it relates to art, science, industry and design.
Each of these fields enriches the others, furthering the general objective of color education.


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