Color Impact 2023 was a great success. These pages are left here for archival purposes.

We hope to see you at a future Color Council meeting! Our next conference in June 2025.

June 11-15, 2023

Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY, USA

Conference at a Glance

Morning Sessions: Ingle Auditorium

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 Continental Breakfast

Conference Welcome

 Continental Breakfast
 Continental Breakfast
 Continental Breakfast
 Color Response

History and

Art & Design

 Education  Technology


Domicele Jonauskaite

Colors and Emotions Across Cultures and Individuals


Kory Stamper

Black, White and Read All Over: The ISCC, Webster's Third New International Dictionary and the Quest to Define the Rainbow


Peter Donahue

TikTok as Color Theory’s One-Room Schoolhouse


Roy Berns

Why does my artwork
reproduce so poorly?

Udo Schliemann

Color as a tool to identify and attract people to community and art centers

Color Experience

Bill Fischer

Color, Its Impact on the Visually Impaired, and How to Address it with Universal Design

Mary Mann, Sarah Lowengard, Ezra Sardes, Mackenzie Williams

Your Instructor Will Wear Gray: A History of Color Pedagogy at The Cooper Union

Color in the Environment

Massimo Caiazzo, Saqlain Mohammed

The chromatic restyling of buildings located in former industrial areas

Petronio Bendito

From Paint to Pixels in Color Design Education

Laura Crehuet Berman

Reflections on Color and Printmaking

Michael Murdoch

Color Appearance in Optical See-Through Augmented Reality

Saeedeh Abasi, Mark D. Fairdchild

Modeling Hue Perception

Tom Lianza

The Color Teachings of Leonardo Da Vinci as they apply to modern Virtual Motion Picture Production techniques








Nello Marelli

Color Forecast in Virtual Reality

Panel on Color Psychology

Maria Fernanda Brandi, João Carlos de Oliveira Cesar, Josivan Pereira da Silva

Color and memory: a case study of Brazilian brutalism

Jiawei Lin, Dingding Ren, Zhenhang Cai, Muzi Li

Applying colored paper material into landscape architecture

Yuhao Zhu

Color-Perception-Guided Display Power Reduction for Virtual Reality

Sajeesh Kulappurath

"Monitor Based Color Assessment: Opportunities and Challenges"

Lightning Talks:

Project of colour parametrisation of the historic folk embroidery

Jiangning Che, Xu Yang, Jingxin Guo, Ivana Avancena

Sustainable Natural Textile Coloration Using Agriculture Waste

Christopher A. Thorstenson

Using Color to Convey Emotions in Social Robots

Carinna Parraman, Susanne Klein, Harrie Fuller, Abigail Trujillo Vazquez

 RGB colour printing and halftoning for the reproduction of structural colour images

Susanne Klein

Printing the shadows: Variations in colour recording and reproduction

Ming Ronnier Luo

Individual colour reproduction


Poster Previews

Panel on Art Exhibit

Luke Hellwig, Dale Stolitzka, Mark D. Fairchild

The Brightness of Chromatic Colors

Gabrielle Brogle

Incorporating High Dynamic Range into Multispectral Imaging for Cultural Heritage Documentation

Isabell Moyer, James Falotico, Kyra Schultz, Etta Arnold, David Messinger, Juilee Decker

Visualization of Multispectral Imagery for Cultural Heritage Exploration

Susan Lakin

Frameless Labs at Rochester Institute of Technology

Closing Remarks
Introduction to Munsell
40th Anniversary

 Lunch (on your own)
ISCC Business Meeting
and Luncheon
 Lunch (on your own)

 Lunch (on your own)

Afternoon Sessions: Various Locations

IMPORTANT: You must register for Afternoon Sessions, reserve a dorm and register for the conference AT THE SAME TIME.

Once you have registered for the conference, you will not be able to go back and register for Afternoon Sessions or dormitory housing later. Information on Afternoon Sessions can be found HERE.

Afternoon Sessions will be located in close proximity. Exact locations will be announced in June. 





Evening Events

Please see Special Events page for full details.


Welcome Reception
dormitory courtyard

Light refreshments, drinks,
and a easy going way to
get the week started


Reception at the
George Eastman Museum
(transportation included)

Heavy hor d'oeuvres, drinks,
live music, guided walking
tours of the photographic collection, home, and
grounds of George Eastman, founder of Eastman Kodak.


Rochester Red Wings
baseball game at
Innovation Field in
downtown Rochester
game time 6:45pm

Enjoy this great AAA baseball
club with all the fun, crowd,
and food! $8 fee required
No transportation - we will do
our best to car pool with folks
who have vehicles.
(Taxi/Uber is approximately
$25 each way.)


Conference reception at RIT's
University Gallery
(short walk from dormitories,
parking provided)

Heavy hor d'oeuvres, drinks.
Evening fun with your
conference colleagues, and
presentations honoring
Dr. Danny C. Rich, including
a tribute by Paula Alessi and
Roy Berns, and the inaugural
Danny C. Rich Memorial Lecture.

The Inter-Society Color Council advances the knowledge of color as it relates to art, science, industry and design.
Each of these fields enriches the others, furthering the general objective of color education.


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