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June 11-15, 2023

Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY, USA

Presenter - Gabrielle Brogle

Gabrielle Brogle, Masters Candidate

Incorporating High Dynamic Range into Multispectral Imaging for Cultural Heritage Documentation

The dynamic range that can be captured using traditional image capture devices is limited by their design. While an image sensor cannot capture the entire dynamic range that the human eye can see, techniques have been developed to help accomplish this. High dynamic range imaging has been incorporated into digital photography pipelines to produce high-quality images with correctly exposed regions with varying illumination. By capturing a broader dynamic range, the range of contrast captured is also increased, helping to improve color accuracy.

Cultural heritage institutions face limitations when trying to capture color accurate reproduction of cultural heritage objects and materials. To aid that issue, spectral imaging has been an important scientific tool within their imaging process, as it allows for superior color reproduction in comparison to conventional RGB imaging. A team of software engineers at RIT have developed a software application, Beyond RGB, to assist the colorimetric and spectral processing of six-channel spectral images. The current pipeline includes a pre-processing, processing, and rendering phase. This work aims to incorporate high dynamic range imaging into the computational pipeline to yield a smaller loss in color accuracy.


Gabrielle Brogle is an MS student in the Program of Color Science at Rochester Institute of Technology. She holds a BS in Photographic Sciences with a minor in Psychology from RIT.

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