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June 11-15, 2023

Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY, USA

Presenter - Nello Marelli

Nello Marelli, Color and Textile Consultant

Color Forecast in Virtual Reality

Nello Marelli has created the COLOR FORECAST IN VIRTUAL REALITY project, designed for an innovative experience in color management. "Digital" colors and Virtual Reality are the new project tools for designers. The technology and colors in this project are used with the full power of their non-verbal language to represent and communicate new social trends. Colors and emotions: The project is innovative because it adds emotion to the three minimum design characteristics: 1-color, 2-form and 3-material. Emotion is the fourth and innovative dimension that designers will have to know and control in every project and this work proves it.

COLOR FORECAST IN VIRTUAL REALITY is an immersive experience, you will feel in a dimension never experienced before, the colors will activate the senses and you will be pervaded by emotions, wonder and amazement. Wearing the OCULUS Q2 viewer begins the "emotional journey" immersed in color, shapes and matter. Color: every color, every combination is connected to the trends that Nello Marelli, expert in "Future studies" and "Trend forecast" has developed. The presentation will be interactive and consists of two parts: first with a slide show to explain the contents and values, then wearing the Oculus Q2 directly to immerse yourself in the colors, live the experience, listen and see live the emotions projected wirelessly to the monitor in the room.


I live in Como, a city famous for fashion, fabrics and printed silk. Over time, these themes have become the focus of my work and my life. The "Decoration" has always fascinated me for the wonder and amazement that it is able to create. Artist and Painter and then I dedicated myself to the profession of textile designer, starting with the coordination of colors and prints and then to create collections for BOGGIA drawing studio and in TJSS converter.

My work has allowed me to travel a lot and to meet some of the most famous Italian designers such as Versace, Armani and Ferrè. When I was 25 years old, I decided to go my own way by becoming Textile Designers Free-Lance textile consultant of printing, color and trend forecasting. A few years later, I started working at EUROJERSEY where for 19 years I was the head of the creative department: creation of collections, printed designs and color trends for the underwear, swimwear, sportswear and apparel.

I am currently a freelance textile consultant and color advisor at E.Boselli & C, Archivio Spadacini. The constant research in the color trend has led me to become part of some Italian and international study groups on color, such as Color Coloris (specialized in Color Trend Forecasting) and IACC-Italia (International Association of Color Consultant - Italy).

In IACC Italy, of which I have been Vice President for 13 years, I learned how to deal with color in non-fashion areas, for example both public and private and even industrial places and more. I am specialized in social forecasting, "studies of futures" at the Department of Sociology of the University of Trento. I make my color trend book. I produced TREND FORECAST IN VIRTUAL REALITY; the first color trend presented with OCULUS Q2 in virtual reality.

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